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ASA iPad Portfolio Kneepad

A multitasking kneeboard, binder and versatile cover that is functional, durable, and stylish.

ASA's iPad Kneeboard is the ideal accessory for your favorite cockpit companion. This professional portfolio protects your iPad in flight and on the ground. The elastic strap secures the binder-like case to your leg for in-flight use and is easily removable for everyday use. The inside sleeve holds your iPad securely on the right side with full access to iPad controls and buttons. The left side has pockets to store your documents and provides a writing surface. The cover folds into a flap to serve as a vertical or horizontal desktop stand, provide easy landscape viewing and full keyboard access. Beautiful black leatherette with embossed wings; fits both iPad and iPad 2.

Measures: Height 9-11/16", Width—closed 7-15/16", Width—open 15-15/16".
ASA iPad Portfolio Kneepad
$59.95 Qty:

ASA iPad Kneeboard

Versatile cover for your iPad that's functional both inside the cockpit and out.

This new iPad Kneeboard joins the iPad Portfolio Kneeboard in giving pilots greater flexibility to choose the “digital kneeboard” solution that's best suited for them.

The iPad Kneeboard is a versatile case and kneeboard that helps pilots protect and use their iPad in flight and on the ground. The elastic strap secures the case to the pilot's leg for in-flight use. The unique plastic cover keeps the iPad screen safe while maintaining full viewing and complete touch-screen functionality . The easel folds to position the iPad at a convenient “wedged” viewing angle; alternatively, it can lay flat. The pocket on the back offers room for papers and maps. Openings are provided for charger and headphone/earbuds.

Made of durable fabric with embossed wings. Fits both iPad and iPad 2.

ASA iPad Kneeboard
$29.95 Qty:

ASA Kneeboards

ASA IFR/VFR Tri-fold Kneeboard
(Upper Right)

Kneeboard in a three-panel jacket.  The left panel has ample room for small books, papersand unusually-shaped items.  The center panel holds the kneeboard under clear plastic with a pen/pencil holder and buttonholes on either side - allowing a pilot to fold back one or both panels with the legband.  The right-hand panel contains a clear pocket for easy map viewing, and the elastic legband's Velcro closures fit any leg size comfortably.
$31.30 Qty:

ASA Long Tri-fold Kneeboard
(Upper Left)

An elongated version of the Standard Tri-Fold Kneeboard.  This kneeboard accommodates all aeronautical charts without folding.
$38.00 Qty:

ASA VFR Kneeboard
(Lower Left)

Attractive, brushed aluminum with visual information clearly silk-screened on boards.  Features include: Comfortable, 1 1/2" wide elastic legband that hugs the leg without binding; Velcro fasteners adjust without removing kneeboard; and pencil/pen holder within legband for fast note-taking.  The 4 1/4 wide metalclip is easy to lift ans strong enough to hold NOS charts and othr necessary papers.

$16.10 Qty:

ASA IFR Kneeboard
(Lower Left)

Same features as the VFR version, but silk-screened with IFR information on the board.
$16.10 Qty:

Folding Lapboard
(Lower Right)

This 9" X 16" flying desk has  large clips to hold in-flight necessity such as charts, flightlogs, and approach plates.  Lost communications procedures for both VFR and IFR, light gun signals, position reports, frequencies, and transponder codes are silk screened on the aluminum lapboard for quick reference during emergencies.  It folds in half when less space is needed and for convenient storage.   Foam strips on the back keep the lapboard comfortably in place.
$29.20 Qty:


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